At last… Closure

This will be our final entry at Save Woodlawn. We wanted to provide closure for those who worked and worried all these months over the fate of Woodlawn – ourselves included. So that you all know, the property was purchased in its entirety by a lovely couple, Angela and Jeff, whom some of you may have met at the COA meetings. Along with their son Kyle and his colleagues, they have already started the task of renovating and restoring the great house.

The Sunnidale community warmly welcomes the entire family (puppies included) and wishes them all the best of luck with their endeavours. And to all of you out there who attended the meetings and voiced your concerns over the fate of Woodlawn and its greater impact on the fate of the Sunnidale community, we want to say a heartfelt thank you. It was clearly all well worth it.

All the best to all of you. Good bye.

The Save Woodlawn Coalition

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Sold again? What fate awaits?

Well, after weeks of not knowing and speculating on the fate of Woodlawn, it appears that the property has been sold again. The previous purchaser and would-be developer who intended to sever the lot into three parcels walked away from the deal earlier in the summer as far as we understand. A For Sale sign was put up several weeks ago but then promptly taken down about two days later for reasons unknown. During a brief conversation with the realtor recently, he indicated that the property had been sold. It is our understanding that the new owners are to take possession in October.

There is no word as to the status of the severance application or the heritage designation at this time. At last check with the City of Barrie, the severance application remained in place in the name of the former owners. We will be in touch with the appropriate city officials shortly and will return with more news as soon as it is made available to us.

Thank you for checking in again. See you again soon.

The Save Woodlawn Coalition

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Summer Update

It’s official – there will be no COA in July.  According to the City of Barrie, there has been no new news regarding the application and no requests made by the applicants.  We still need public support however to have Woodlawn designated as a heritage property and we encourage you to contact if you haven’t done so already.

I know this community joins with us in wanting to see Woodlawn converted into a project we could all be really proud of.  Imagine its use as a wonderful B&B, an art shop/café or a museum! 

Also, if anyone browsing our site has interior photos of Woodlawn, please contact the SWC.  It would be much appreciated.

Thanks as well for your ongoing support and interest in this cause.  We will be needing the community to mobilize once again in the fall.  Thanks and enjoy your holidays !

The Save Woodlawn Coalition

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SWC meets Minister of Culture


The SWC met with Minister DiCoco recently to update her on the Woodlawn situation. They discussed the heritage designation of the property and the fact that Woodlawn has been included in the city’s inventory. The Minister remarked that locating specific resources of local cultural inheritance is the first essential step in conservation and protection. It is imperative to take into account patrimonial resources at an early stage to avoid resorting to last minute safeguards of invaluable community resources. This is precisely why the SWC put in motion the Intent to Designate Woodlawn as a heritage site. Communities such as Barrie have to keep a register of valuable properties with patrimonial interest. These registers serve to allow planners and developers access to locate zones that are deemed « heritage » and therefore protected today and in the future They also encourage communities to become more aware of its places of interest and its unique landmarks. The Ministry will continue to work in close cooperation with the city of Barrie, advising on how best to protect this property. The SWC encouraged the Minister to advocate for the designation of Woodlawn as a heritage site, as this stately home deserves to retire gracefully.




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As we enter July…

A quick update based on a conversation this week with Ms. Amy Knapp of the City of Barrie:

1)  The severance application still stands as a three-way division of the existing land – one new lot on either side of the current central lot on which the house stands for a total of three lots.  I think there may have been some confusion on this matter but the original application which asked for four lots was officially amended as of 16 May 2006.

2)  The applicant did not meet the deadline for the June COA, stating that the vegetation inventory was still incomplete.  The next COA is 19 July 2006 and the applicant must give the City 14 days notice if he plans to make that date.  That means he has until next Wednesday to let them know so that the City can let us know and update the sign.  As it stands right now, nothing is happening in July but we’ll keep you posted if we find out anything new.

3)  Still no word on the heritage designation.  We encourage all interested parties to help push for this designation by writing or emailing Heritage Barrie (c/o Eric Hodgins at the City of Barrie: as well as your local alderman to insist on the need for this important protective measure.  Without it, the future of this house is precariously uncertain.

NB:  A heritage designation does not mean that the house can not be altered in any way.  It simply means that its selected heritage features must be preserved.  Future owners will still be able to renovate for their own purposes as necessary.  For more information, check out the sidebar link regarding heritage designations.

Enjoy your long weekend and thank you for your continued interest.

The Save Woodlawn Coalition

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Woodlawn’s destiny?

 Picture:  Rodney St. Near Kempenfelt Dr., Barrie

This is an example of how properties like Woodlawn were carved up in the 30s and 40s when no consideration was given to the existing home, but simply to chop, chop, chop and squeeze in as many new buildings as possible. This property, located on Rodney Street, covered the entire block in its prime and was parcelled off by the owner. Fortunately, today’s Committee of Adjustment is more visionary and will make sound decisions based on good judgment, taking into consideration the impact that severances like this will have on a neighbourhood. The Save Woodlawn Coalition is working to preserve not only the woodlot surrounding this property, but the magnificent structure, so that with a heritage designation this fine old home will be returned to a semblance of its former glory.



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Just a little update

This blog has some extra pages and archives listed on the side bar. 

If you are here for the first time, take a look at the original COA application.  Despite what has been said and written, nothing has changed from the original Committee of Adjustment Application.

Status of COA : 4 lots and no new ammendment to the original application to date.

The COA has asked for the tree inventory to be completed and is waiting for the Heritage Barrie recommendations.


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Sunnidale Road home a ‘marquis’ (sic) building: Barrie Advance

In the NEWS

Barrie Advance – Laurie Watt

Published: Thursday, May 25th, 2006

Barrie hasn’t been protecting its heritage buildings, said the chairman of the city’s Committee of Adjustment.

In discussing a severance application for the Woodlawn property, located at 96 Sunnidale Rd., Barry Vickers urged caution in allowing the splitting of the lot into three, before certain controls and assurances were in place.

“This is a marquis (sic) corner, a marquis (sic) building and a marquis (sic) lot,” said Vickers. “Barrie’s been woefull in protecting some of its historical heritage. We’ve lost so much of it already. It’s very much concerning me there’s a possible threat.”

A numbered company represented by Shawn Bubel has applied to the committee to split the parcel into three lots, so the Victorian home could become affordable to someone wanting to restore it.


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Estate Sale Saturday – Gone with the Wind

Estate Sale Last Saturday

The cars were lined up the block.  Some who arrived at 8 a.m. were disappointed to see that the bulk of the goods had been sold prior to the start time.

Never the less, the folks that dropped by weren’t there just to buy a knick-knack but to see inside the Grande old home.


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Update: COA

Update: On May 24, 2006, the COA expressed concern that the tree/vegetation inventory had not been finalized and they raised the issue of designating the building and/or property features of heritage significance.  As a result, the applications have been deferred until such time as the applicant can address these concerns.  Once the applicant is ready to proceed, the applications will be placed on a future agenda and I will be notifying all interested parties at that time.


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